Greetings folks!

There should be some legal information on the website so here we go.

We are Unliike Oy, a Limited Liability Company registered and operating in Finland, VAT number FI2778584. Our registration and postal address is Gammelbackantie 1 G 22, FI06100, Porvoo. At this moment we’re active as an online-only sales company which, however, doesn’t mean impossibility of meeting in person: send us an email if you plan to visit the town of Porvoo some day!

Sales policy

The sales are held internationally or, in other words, to anybody willing to pay the price. Obviously the goods are sold via shopping basket on this website, while other ways of purchase can be of course discussed. The customer then receives an email confirming the fact of purchase, product and delivery costs etc. By the fact of purchase, the customer agrees with our policies which are, however, built on a fair-play basis (so no fear guys!) The prices contain local VAT so if you live outside EU, we strongly recommend you to contact us before making a payment and request an invoice (this invoice can also be issued in your local currency for your convenience). The payment can be done with all major credit or debit cards and also via wire transfer. The payment gateway service supplier is Paytrail Oyj (FI21228397).

Delivery policy

Domestic delivery:
We state that the goods are delivered to customers in Finland within two weeks from the moment of purchase. In fact, this time is enough even for backorders so in many cases the goods are delivered long before deadline. For made-to-order items the delivery time may vary (and is subject of individual agreement) but usually doesn’t exceed three weeks.

International delivery:
For items in stock, shipments are arranged two times a week. For backorder items, shipments are arranged within 10 days after the purchase. The delivery time of made-to-order items is subject of individual agreement.

All shipments are made via Finnish Post or UPS.

Return policy

According to the Law of Finland, a customer has the right to return the goods bought within 14 days from the delivery date, provided neither the goods nor the original package were not damaged. The returns are made to our postal address. We kindly ask you to include the post office receipts confirming when the goods were delivered to you and sent back to us (otherwise monetary return may not happen). Also we recommend to contact us beforehand by email in unlikely case if the goods have manufacturing defects (please include pictures) to make sure your case is solved on priority basis.

Privacy policy

We have always respected our customers and their information. We collect personal information what is necessary for processesing the order, the information is controllable via the link received after the the order is completed. The site is using cookies, like other webstores, to make the ordering process as easy as possible. We follow the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR).

Fair play policy

Unlike (unliike?..) many and many sellers, we are not offering/promoting “a free lunch”. Because there is no free lunch in this world. Our goods are of proven (and very high) quality, they are pretty expensive already at the manufacturing stage. Saying “full-grain leather”, we mean full-grain leather, not anything “just looking like that”. Saying “bull leather”, we mean bull, not cheap buffalo or so. Saying “craft workshop”, we mean a skilled and responsible craft workshop with only 15 people (the manager, the tailor/technologist, the tanner, 12 workers – and we know them all), not a “faceless megafactory” somewhere too far to control every stitch…
And this “list” can be extended.

This all means, we work on very low profitability level. So all the following questions…
– Why don’t you offer free delivery?
– Why don’t you offer free returns?
– Why don’t you offer discounts of more than 15%?
…have only one answer: we have not included all this to the sales price!

This is fair play as we take it.